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"It's hard for me to put into words exactly how powerful the Raw Bombshell Experience was for me... I'm at at point in my life where I feel on the cusp of some major life changes, about to take a huge leap of faith, so having the opportunity to reflect on where I am today, and to explore my inner raw bombshell has come at the perfect time for me. Through Claire's powerful guided visualisation, and cleverly constructed activities which provided the perfect balance of fun, dance laughter and deep introspection, I have now met my inner raw bombshell and am empowered to embrace all she encompasses. I am ready to step out as her into the next phase of my life! Claire has an amazing talent, and shares her wealth of knowledge in a very down to earth and approachable way."
Lisa Simpson, Raw Liberty, UK














"Do you love the body you are in?"

"Are you ready to reveal your inner beauty and the fabulous part of you that you keep buried away, to walk tall with confidence, elegance and grace?"

How would it feel to stand out from the crowd, of no longer being lost in the direction of your life? To have that strong belief in yourself and your abilities.

To love you and the body you are in and reveal your Raw Bombshell, the Woman You Have Always Dreamed of Being.

As we make that transition from girl to woman, more often than not we become lost as life takes over!

It just springs up out of nowhere to stop us dead in our tracks of what it is that we are chasing after.

Dreams of yesteryear stay shelved, desires of tomorrow stay fantasies.

Responsibility gets in the way.

Gone, or so it appears, are the care-free days when pleasing ourselves was the number one priority, replaced by the never ending list of commitments to others: the boss, work colleagues, lovers, partners, friends, parents and of course children.

Is it any wonder that looking after your needs ends up being the bottom of the list? We become nurturers. Yet this leaves you wondering where unearth you have gone.

Just where in the day are you meant to squeeze in that luxury of time devoted to you?

This lack of taking care of you and your needs can then manifest itself with a frustration and complete despair with your body, your look and/or the statement you make within the world.

You forget to see you as the beautiful woman you are. You misplace your confidence. The sparkle within you has faded.


What do you see reflected back at you when you look in the mirror?


Hi, my name is Dr Claire Maguire, also known as The Raw Bombshell, and I reveal to women exactly how they can place themselves at the top of the list so they can live a rich life as the woman they have always dreamed of being.

With my wealth of experience I work with women just like you, to strip away the layers holding them back, enabling them to step out to live their desires with a body, style and attitude they love.

We all have inside of us a woman that I refer to as your Raw Bombshell - a sensual, playful, glamorous, creative, goddess and it is this person I connect you to and bring out to play with my powerful and unique Raw Bombshell Experience.


Step Into the Spotlight In a Body You Love


Using my unique Raw Bombshell Experience process, I take you on a journey to meet, embody, embrace and enrich your life as your Raw Bombshell. This journey allows you to fall in love with you, to be comfortable in your own body and to be a bold, passionate and sexy woman who can connect spiritually to all around them, to understand how to live their creativity and who has her boundaries and loves in place.

The first act of this experience is to know yourself, to celebrate you and all you have achieved. For know this you are unique. You have had experiences no-one else has. This is the staring point of your journey.

Next you have to connect with your Raw Bombshell, the woman you have always dreamed of being. Find out the vision you hold of yourself. This is a crucial piece of the experience, as once you have unearthed the pleasure of being your Raw Bombshell you can then take the steps to be her.

Fill your mind with the joy of being the woman you are destined to be and reap the rewards as your body springs into action to live as her.


Is the Raw Bombshell in You Ready to Captivate the World?


I invite you to take this step of connecting to your Raw Bombshell, for it is exciting and the start of your very own transformation to unveil your beauty, your dreams and your desires.

To begin enter your name into the box below or top right and receive your gift. The gift of meeting you Raw Bombshell, the woman you have always dreamed of being, with a very powerful and beautiful guided visualisation. I also give you a journal to record all that you experience and this is your guide for allowing you to be the top priority in your life.

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Enter your name and email below then hit SUBMIT to claim your FREE gift
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My gift to you is the opportunity to create time for you and receive the wisdom from the woman you have always dreamed of being and reveal your Raw Bombshell, with a powerful and beautiful GUIDED VISUALISATION, COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU.


A downloadable journal with notes and prompts for you to record your Raw Bombshell Experience

"She took us on a magical and exciting journey of discovery to meet our raw bombshells using, among other things, a powerful process of guided visualisation.... This technique was so empowering and inspiring to me that my bombshell almost burst out of me"
Katie Foster, Cambridge, UK


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"I get your newsletter and I just wanted to pass on to you that I enjoy reading it.  I love that you are sending out newsletters - you are an inspiration.  And for me your newsletter is just right -- something to read - not all clicks -- but not too much, and more content available by clicking if I want but unlike some newsletters the content that comes in the email stands on it's own.  I know a lot of thought and time goes into getting these out regularly."
Laura Lowry, The Soul Spark Coach, USA  

And of course you will receive many mouth-watering original Raw Bombshell recipes for you to create.

"Great Recipe"
Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach about my Carrot Mango Salsa in a Sour and Spicy Dressing










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