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"Before working with Claire I was excited but unsure as to what to expect. I was however, looking forward to time that was focused on getting in touch with my own femininity. Through the tools that Claire provided I gained a deeper connection to my own inner raw bombshell. I loved that Claire had given me something tangible to work with - a vision board and a promise to myself to actioneer all that I had learnt. The concept of The Raw Bombshell Experience and her 5 Raw Bombshell Model is excellent and gave me the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas...definately recommended."
Rebecca Kane, Shine On




It's hard for me to put into words exactly how powerful the Raw Bombshell Experience was for me... I'm at at point in my life where I feel on the cusp of some major life changes, about to take a huge leap of faith, so having the opportunity to reflect on where I am today, and to explore my inner raw bombshell has come at the perfect time for me. Through Claire's powerful guided visulisation, and cleverly constructed activties which provided the perfect balance of fun, dance laughter and deep introspection, I have now met my inner raw bombshell and am empowered to embrace all she encompasses. I am ready to step out as her into the next phase of my life! Claire has an amazing talent, and shares her wealth of knowledge in a very down to earth and approachable way."
Lisa Simpson, Raw Liberty, UK




"Prior to working with Claire, I felt I wasn't grasping what I really wanted out of life but just ticking along. I was also around a stone heavier than usual - not 'fat' but not where I wanted to be. Since our coaching sessions, life is very positive for me, much of which is a direct result of our coaching sessions. I qualified as a nutrition advisor for weight loss and for athletes, and am currently studying a module on what motivates people to change. And I'm about to start career coaching someone through the Prince's Trust for a 6 month period. I've also lost a stone in weight since we last spoke. So thank you again for all the great coaching you gave me."
Lucy, London













"A Raw Bombshell is sexy, fun, glamorous, feminine and treats herself with love and respect"

The 5 Raw Bombshell Model has been devised to help show you exactly how fabulous, how wise and how wonderful you really are.  For you see inside every woman is a bombshell!  I’ve yet to meet a woman who isn’t secretly (or not so secretly) enthralled with the by-gone days of Hollywood sirens and bombshells; it evokes a yearning to connect more deeply with our femininity and to dress to flatter our curves.  When we connect to that inner bombshell or rather as I call her your Raw Bombshell the world somehow becomes a more enchanted, abundant and luxurious place.

“Worship yourself with the food you eat, the love and care you give yourself, with what you choose to surround yourself with”

Why 5 Raw Bombshells?

As it represents certain key aspects at the centre of bombshellness!  When we concentrate on these areas and bring more of them into our lives it expands your very essence and makes you more of you.  It allows you easily to identify areas to work upon and areas to let go of. It allows you to bring more of what you want into your life.  It allows you permission to just go for whatever you cherish deep within your heart. Together they bring you alive.

They are symbols of your assets.

Once you get in touch and bring your Raw Bombshell to life, the more powerful you get and the more you can do, be and have but also to give in a way that benefits everyone and the world at large.

So without much further ado let me introduce you to my very beautiful ladies …. The Raw Bombshells and a summary of their key aspect.


Playful Bombshell:  she is there to remind us all that we should have fun in life.  It is all very well growing up and moving onwards with our life but you know at times we can all be so damn serious.  I know there is so much responsibility upon our shoulders as age creeps upon us but the playful bombshell tells us that we should not forget that life is meant to be joyful.  We can always wonder at the marvel of what is around us, who we keep company with, the places we go.  Take each day as it comes and learn to let go and love the day.  When it comes to raw food this bombshell sees the energy held within the food as playful as it lifts her vitality and enables her to embrace the fun in life and smile.  This radiates out of her giving her a sparkle and a sense of cheek that causes much joy in others.  Her beauty secret?  Play with nature.



Sensual Bombshell:  she is there to remind us that we are women and should not hide ourselves away.  We are in a world that is highly sexual and great emphasis is placed upon the young and skinny but this is not always sensual.  For sensuality comes with experience of life, of knowing what you enjoy, of knowing your own mind.  It is not about the size of your body or the condition of your skin so the sensual bombshell reminds us to use the ability to love your self.  When we can be in such a position it is then possible to walk seductively and with a sassy attitude, we are not looking to others to justify our being.  When it comes to raw food this bombshell sees the sensual nature held within each piece of food as it evokes all her senses and enables her to love the pleasure of life.  This exudes out of her giving her a knowing smile and a sense of femininity that causes others to bask in her presence.  Her beauty secret?  Touch.



Glamorous Bombshell:  she is there to remind us that it is great to dress up.  When we follow a path of health, compassion and love it is all too easy to put the looking good part to one side for a perception of being shallow.  It is as if wandering round in a modern day hair shirt or sack is somehow seen as more worthy.  Well this bombshell says to hell with such an idea.  Wonderful people design beautiful clothes and it great fun to find clothes which reflect your personality and style.  There is nothing more exciting than getting dressed up as your confidence rises and you feel sensational.  You cannot help but feel more feminine, more glamorous when you have a fabulous pair of heels on.  And of course when you look great you attract complements and great things into your life.  When it comes to raw food this bombshell sees the colour, the texture and the ways to serve it as an expression of being glamorous, it enables her to see the beauty of life.  This causes her to rejoice and take pleasure in all that she does so she can give out a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.  Her beauty secret?  To dress everything up.



Creative Bombshell: she is there to remind us that everything we do is an expression of our desires.  More often than not life can get rather mundane with us repeatedly doing the same old same old causing us to be stuck in a rut, ending up with us crying out in frustration.  This bombshell is here to remind us of that spark of creativity which is inside us all.  She is there to reignite our passions, our desires and to say it is never too late to start a new adventure, project or idea.  Life has never passed us by and by directing your energy into a creative endeavour makes us fall into the flow of life.  When it comes to raw food this bombshell loves the abundance of food available to her as it allows her to use her imagination in many ways by using the food to create new dishes.  This causes her great satisfaction as she can share her deliciousness with others.  Her beauty secret?  Experiment with style and colour.


goddess Goddess Bombshell:  she is there to remind us that we are spiritual and ultimately we put ourselves first.  We are often so busy putting ourselves at the bottom of the pile, thinking that it is selfish to think of our needs We then forget that we are important.  It is natural for us women to want to give, we are nurturers and that is great and vitally important as a role in life.  Yet this bombshell is here to ensure that you have your boundaries in place so you can give to yourself.  When you can effectively say yes to your needs it puts you in a position of strength to give to that which is of most importance in your life and to see it has your full value.  When it comes to raw food this bombshell sees this as the ultimate way to serve her body to give her the power to be, do and act as she wants.  This ripples through her entire world so she can reach for the stars whist giving back to others.  Her beauty secret?  To honour yourself

These are the 5 Raw Bombshells - aren't they divine? They should inspire you. There may be one area of Raw Bombshell that is stronger in you than another, this is your default bombshell! However, to have great success as living as your Raw Bombshell, the woman you are destined to be then it is necessary to work on all areas represented by the Raw Bombshells above and bring them into your life. Then you will have mastered the internal and external.

But remember, there is no rush to do this, it takes time to internalises all areas and wisdom of the Raw Bombshells so enjoy the process of bringing them into your life. Adore the process you make.

If you are ready and you know that now is your time to grab your life and shake it up to live as the woman you are destined to be, then I have a unique offering which will be of a wonderful, gorgeous benefit to you. So invite you to take the gift of investing in yourself and placing you at the top of your priority list.

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"She took us on a magical and exciting journey of discovery to meet our raw bombshells using, among other things, a powerful process of guided visualisation.... This technique was so empowering and inspiring to me that my bombshell almost burst out of me"
Katie Foster, Cambridge, UK


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Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach about my Carrot Mango Salsa in a Sour and Spicy Dressing










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